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This Summer’s Colours Are Blue And Green!

This Summer’s Colours Are Blue And Green!

Life’s Fantastic When You’re (Not) Plastic!
16 / Jun / 2023
Amada Colossos Resort
“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” ~ Ryunosuke Satoro
AmadaColossosResort Pool View
What’s our favourite colour? The Aegean Blue! Our second? Sustainable Green, of course!
Rhodes is blessed with an incredible natural landscape; from lush, roaming, evergreen pine forests to the infinitely azure hues of the Aegean Sea, Amada Colossos is part of this delicate ecosystem that has inspired myths and legends for millennia.
That’s why sustainability is first and foremost for us. We have been carefully thinking about what we can do to minimise waste, and to blend in as effortlessly as possible. It’s a continuous effort and we’re proud to instil that mindset across all our teams. 
Our 2023 offerings are sure to leave you in pure bliss, wishing the summer would never end. Be it with your family, a trip with your loved one, or a solo adventure, this is your summer.


Peeling back the curtain

Amada Colossos Resort Beach Sunset Rohdes
The biggest reason for visiting Amada Colossos? We’d venture to say it was our beautiful sandy beach with the right-size pebbles to skip across the water. 430 metres await you and your loved ones to frolic and gallivant. The best part? They’re all pristine
Our beach has a Blue Flag accreditation, meaning it has the seal of approval from the independent non-profit organization Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). It tested the beach on 33 specific criteria based on: water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and services. As you can guess, it passed with flying colours.  
That means you know it’s safe to enjoy, so be proud that you are part of something bigger! How much bigger? The Municipality of Rhodes alone holds 55 Blue Flags, the most in the country!

Bin there, done that

Keeping our beautiful beach clean, though, requires a conscious effort on behalf of everyone. Trust us, it’s easy!
We have put recycling bins throughout our Resort for a wide range of materials to make recycling a breeze. Except for glass, which is collected by the municipality and transferred by a certified company to a recycling plant. 
Because, when there’s nothing to waste, there’s more for all to enjoy!
Amada Colossos Resort Recycling
Plastic caps keep us moving
Since we’re on the topic of recycling, we’ve set out to do a good deed. We’re collecting plastic caps for our custom-made Dolphin! It’s part of a prominent CSR activity in Greece where plastic caps are exchanged for wheelchairs that are then donated to people with special needs. In 2023, we collected 45 kilos – around 24,300 caps! 
To Gopa, or not to Gopa? 
To Gopa, or not to Gopa?
Unfortunately, cigarette butts - or Gopes colloquially – make up the majority of rubbish on Greek beaches. That doesn’t mean we can’t get creative with them. 
We’re participating in the Gopa Project, an initiative which utilizes used cigarette butts in the service of public opinion. We’ve set up our own box, along with two questions that our guests can answer! It’s a fun way to make the best of something most deem inconsequential.  
In 2022, we collected 10 kilos of cigarette butts, which can be transformed into useful materials for furniture manufacturing, or even used in research! Just something to think about next time you pop out for that cheeky ciggie.  
It’s all glass to me
After cigarette butts, paper cups, plastic lids and the odd Styrofoam slab complete the picture of what you can find on a beach. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way and opted to use reusable Polycarbonate Cups and Glasses. Every bar will gradually feature cups which can be returned and washed, thus minimizing waste and maximizing the aesthetic!       
Amada Colossos Resort Beach Sunset Rohdes
In local we trust  
Moving away from the beach, the resort’s gardens have been landscaped using strictly Mediterranean plants. This vastly reduces irrigation needs, saving valuable freshwater. Just take a stroll around and see if you can smell our delightful rosemaries and thymes.  
Dispensing with the bad habits
Further inside, shampoo and body lotion dispensers are available in bathrooms to replace single-use shower toiletry bottles. The best part? Dispensers are entirely constructed with plant-based components!
Taste it, don’t waste it!
Like that slogan? We’ve got more in our bars and restaurants – which you should definitely try – reminding guests that we’re against food waste. See if you can spot them all.
Amada Colossos Resort Serives

Green, through and through!  

To minimise our impact on the environment at every stage of the production chain, our Amada Wellness Spa only uses Phytomer products, which come in eco-friendly packaging and are produced using sustainable methods. Don’t forget to check out more natural ways to relax and destress while staying with us.  
Be a Forest Ambassador!
Join our CSR Action to promote the reforestation of selected island tree species (as identified by the experts of the Municipality) to maintain the beauty of Rhodes' green environment.
Every group ends up planting around 30 trees annually, meaning that by 2022, more than 900 had been planted.
It’s a group effort
To achieve all this, the whole team needs to be on the same page. That’s why we continuously train our people regarding sustainability initiatives and guide them to adopt a green mentality, passing it on to our guests.  
A testament to this, we gifted all of them special water bottles and installed a dedicated water cooler to use neither plastic bottles nor disposable cups while on the clock.
Be on the winning team
Without you, none of this is possible, though. We established the Green Team which plans activities within the Resort and consists of Resort team members and guests.
On June 5th, 2023, we organised a day full of activities for our little guests to celebrate World Environment Day in a fun and educational way. From painting pebbles to cleaning the beach, we did a lot of good things together.   

Stay tuned for more!  

Green from the ground up
Amada Colossos Resort Serives
We couldn’t be any prouder of the home we’ve built here in Rhodes. From the ground up, our thought has been on sustainability, with the architecture itself speaking in favour of our vision. While renovating the resort, we used more than 14,000 low-energy LEDs across our facilities and installed sophisticated energy management systems in all rooms.  
This is an ongoing process; we annually recertify with Green Key, verifying that our premises have successfully integrated all the environmental management practices.  
We urge you to find out more about our entire sustainability portfolio, here.  
Doesn’t it feel good to be sustainable? So, enjoy your stay with us knowing that we think of the world around us as one; one we want to preserve and make better!  
Be sure to check out our previous blog posts with all the juicy tips on exciting things to do!
See you soon!