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Celebrated Greek Chef Andreas Lagos is Coming to Amada Colossos Resort on September 22, 2024, for an exclusive event!

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Celebrating Dodecanese cuisine with Guest Chef Andreas Lagos

Celebrating Dodecanese cuisine with Guest Chef Andreas Lagos

04 / Jul / 2024
Amada Colossos Resort
Our islands finest recipes and local produce prepared by a household name at Amada Colossos Resort
Amada Colossos Resort
On September 22, we will welcome “nomad chef” Andreas Lagos in a chef collaboration with Executive Chef, Konstantinos Vasileiou that’s designed to showcase the rich cuisine and local produce of the Dodecanese.
Part of our continuing priority to provide guests with an authentic taste of Greece, the event will celebrate local producers from Rhodes and the Dodecanese. And all this by the Aegean Sea in our newly opened Enalia Seaside Restaurant.


Masterminded by Master Chefs
Andreas Lagos
Andreas grew up on the island of Samos, where his beloved hobby of growing his own vegetables amply illustrates the roots of his illustrious future. Nowadays, the star of Greek TV show, “Pop Cooking”, has his finger in many proverbial pies, advising restaurants, hotels and delicatessens and dreaming up ever more daring and delicious recipes for publications both online and in print.
Konstantinos Vasileiou
From Samos, a brief hop across the Aegean takes us to Evia, the birthplace of our Executive Chef, Konstantinos Vasileiou. Like Andreas, his was another inspirational upbringing ensconced in the beautiful and bountiful nature of one of Greece’s largest islands. Until now he has enjoyed a prolific career decorated with multiple national and international awards and certifications, among which is his proudest achievement of a medal in the 2008 IKA/ Culinary Olympics, the oldest, largest and most diverse international culinary arts competition in the world.
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