A Unique Ultra all-inclusive resort with specially designed adult and family zones, welcomes you to experience the extraordinary. Let yourself indulge into loyal treatment and impeccable services all day long, while enjoying the stunning beauty of the natural surroundings. Discover the “Golden Ultra All Inclusive Experience” and the “Diamond Ultra All Inclusive Experience”.

All inclusive experience
All inclusive experience
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All inclusive experience
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A unique luxury experience
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Specially Designed Zones
The extensive and carefully designed grounds of the Amada Colossos ensure that whatever your personal preference and holiday vision, the resort provides ‘the right zone for everyone’. From fun family areas to intimate and secluded adults-only quarters, all guests will experience the resort exclusively tailored to their needs.
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A section in Main Restaurant for breakfast / lunch / dinner
Executive Lounge for Diamond Members from 20:00-07:00


Dedicated pool and pool bar with secluded sunbathing area
Cocktail Bar (from 21:00-02:00)
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Kids Club A

Safe and beautifully decorated for inspiring playtime, stimulating activities.

Children 6 months - 4 years old, only with parent's presence

Kids Club B

Our themed and climate- controlled kids club is supervised by qualified child carers and includes an outdoor area. Kids are also accompanied by dedicated entertainers to dinner and shows during scheduled hours.

Children 4 -10 years old

Teens Club

It’s exciting… it’s hip… and it’s supervised.

Kids Play and Fun Areas within the water park & Splash Tools

Aquatower with multiple slides, tipping bucket
and assorted water play
Mushrooms with waterfall effect
Frog Slide


Daytime & evening full animation program
specially designed for children
Theme nights